Original Barn Style

Barns always seem beautiful, the fact that they're generally found on farms in gorgeous rural settings probably helps. But there's something about their simple and humble style that is always appealing. Even old decrepid barns, gradually losing all their bits have a certain beauty and seem to have a story all of their own, helping to describe the history of their landscape. Barns with their tall gable roof's and often large functional sliding doors have character and style. Partly imbued by their shape and symmetry and partly by the materials and colours used, often being built with natural materials from the land on which they stand.

Traditionally barns have been used for agriculture, typically for storage of grains and hay. In fact the word barn comes from the old english bere, for barley and aern for a storage place. After the 1880's many barns began to be used for cow houses and many had holes to allow access for barn owls (I love this fact). Nowadays there's been many barn conversions, beautifully renovated, creating a character filled space to inhabit and dwell in.

But not that many barns abound, ready for the picking and not everyone can find one to convert. Our love of barns has resulted in many of our home and studio designs featuring a large hint of barn style. Our Scandi Barn Style home is one of my favourites, with the perfect blend of minimal scandinavian style and beautiful barn symmetry. It utilises natural timber and recycled corrugated iron for cladding and features large windows and large bi-fold doors opening the space right up and blurring the lines between inside and out. A beautiful barn style space to inhabit!

Here are some pics we've taken in recent times of barns in our area, a major source of inspiration for us..

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