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Timber - UPVC - Aluminium Windows and Doors


We supply and install timber, UPVC and aluminium

windows and doors.

Single, double or triple glazed.

For increased energy efficiency and noise reduction.  Double glazing can reduce the energy costs in your home by more than 20% compared with single glazed windows.

Noise from traffic and other unwanted sounds coming into your home is also greatly reduced with the benefit of double or triple glazing (more than you might think).  Many clients living near pubs, hotels and/or busy roads have made the jump to double or triple glazed windows and never looked back.


All of our window and door installations are carried out by qualified carpenters and a registered builder for peace of mind and a high quality finish.


Minor floor repairs and floorboard replacements.

Full timber floor replacement including new stumps, bearers and joists if required.

We can also supply and install underfloor insulation at the time of your floor replacement, which can greatly improve the comfort of your home.

It's estimated that 20% of heat loss through winter is through your uninsulated floors, couple that with floor boards that are tired and drafty and your homes comfort can be compromised.

Choose from hardwoods such as Tassieoak, Blackbutt and Spotted gum or traditional soft wood floors like Baltic pine.

All of our carpentry and building work is carried out by qualified carpenters and registered builder for peace of mind and a high quality finish.